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To book an appointment, contact us at   810-695-6742

All prices are subject to increase due to length and/or density
Basic Services

Haircut                                                        $13.00
Shampoo                                                   $5.00

Hair Style                                                    $13.00
Special occasion Style                             $30.00
Blow dry & flat Iron                                    $35.00

Chemical Services
Hair Color (retouch)                                 $42.00
Foils (Highlights or Lowlights)                  $65.00
Cap (Highlights or Lowlights)                  $55.00
Basic wrap perm                                      $50.00
Specialty wrap perm                               $75.00
Chemical relaxor Virgin                           $65.00
Chemical relaxor retouch                       $45.00


Malibu                                                         $15.00
Deep Conditioning                                   $15.00

3% additional charge if using a credit card

Additional Charges for Long Hair

All services done by Senior Students.

CLINIC HOURS (open to the public):

Tuesday - Friday 10:00 to 4:00  /  Saturday 9:00-3:30

Note: All prices are subject to increase due to hair length and/or density.

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